Get to know more about us before making a decision. See how HealthSharing helps in managing large healthcare expenses, but still costs 50% less than typical health insurance.

Definition of Terms

You don’t have to come across terminologies that leave you scratching your head. We’ve used simple, easy to understand terms to explain this healthcare solution.

HeathSharing Members Enjoy

Low Monthly Cost

WoW’s HealthSharing starts at just $110/month to share all of your large healthcare bills.

No Network Restrictions

You can choose the provider of your choice for the healthcare service you want.

Member Advisor

We have expert advisors that will help you navigate the complicated world of healthcare with ease.

Price Transparency

We believe that healthcare costs should be transparent, without surprises. Before obtaining any service, you should know your responsibility.

Complete Control

Healthcare is within your control. We provide you with educational resources that will assist you in making an informed healthcare decision.

Community Driven Approach

People help people! Your monthly membership helps to pay for medical needs of other members.

Pre-Existing Conditions

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