Don't want to go to the clinic? We've got the perfect solution for you. WoW Telemedicine membership, you can book telemedicine and teletherapy appointments for $40 only and have access to doctors and therapists anytime, anywhere.

Membership for $10/month only!

Why purchase WoW Health's Telemedicine Membership?

Cost Saving

Membership fee as low as $10/Month

More than 50% savings with family plans

Free first appointment & only $40 for future appointments

Ease of Use

Experienced doctors and therapists available 24/7

Talk to a doctor from the comforts of your home

Get prescriptions sent directly to your local pharmacy

Readily Available

Track your appointments using WoW App

Maintain your medical records in one place

Create and manage minor accounts

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First encounter FREE!
Access to doctor 24/7
Licensed therapists for 50-min Teletherapy appointments
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You can also purchase WoW Health Telemedicine Membership from your WoW Health App!

The pharmacy card in your WoW Health app gets you over 80% discount on prescriptions from your local pharmacies

Launch WoW Health App.
Go to the marketplace tab.
Choose services and offers.
Select Telemedicine Membership Plan.

Ready to buy Telemedicine Membership?

You need to select a telemedicine plan, pay online, visit WoW Health app to add your family details and you are good to go!

Questions about Wow Health Telemedicine Membership?

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