Virtual urgent care
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Get connected with doctor online and take care of what really matters.
24/7 Availability, No appointment required

$10/month $5/month (for sponsored employees)

Benefits of buying a Membership

Trusted Providers

Consult with experienced doctors 24/7 and get prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy.

Easy Access

Track your visits, manage medical records, and connect with telehealth doctors in the app.

Unlimited Calls

Book a single appointment or sign up and save with WoW Health’s Virtual Urgent Care membership.

Let's See How it Works

Let's See How it Works


Log in and Request an Appointment

Log in to your WoW account and request your appointment with experienced doctors


Talk to a licensed physician

Share your symptoms with the doctor to help make a quick diagnosis.


Get Prescription

The doctor can send your prescription directly to your local pharmacy.

Conditions we Treat

Unlike traditional healthcare, you don’t have to establish care with a doctor, decode confusing bills, or even schedule an appointment. Our doctors are available 24/7.

See a doctor for these conditions:

Pink eye
Sprains and strains
COVID-19 Symptoms
Cold and Flu
Yeast infections
Skin rashes
And more

$10/month $5/month (for sponsored employees)

Doctor Online

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  • Control your healthcare decisions

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