1- Is WoW Health an insurance plan?

No, WoW Health is strictly a software platform that brings healthcare products and services by our partners on “cash” basis which gives the consumers the best price point. We do have partners that offer plans which provide coverage for emergency and hospital care.

2- Are there any pre-authorizations or permissions required to use a service?

No, there are no restrictions for you to use any WoW Health service; however there are certain functions like medications and certain diagnostic tests that require a prescription by a treating medical provider.

3- Are there any copays or deductibles with WoW Health services or products?

No, WoW Health is not an insurance product so there are no copays or deductibles. You pay what the stated price is, no surprises. Unlike insurance, you will not be billed for any product or service that you have not agreed to before you obtain the service. It is price transparency at its best.

4- Does the money I spend on WoW Health count towards my deductible?

No, the money used does NOT count towards the deductible because WoW Health is not an insurance product. We are able to bring you affordable and high quality healthcare because the medical service providers do not have to submit claims and bills, thus decreasing their overhead costs. However you can use your HSA/FSA funds via the use of our secure credit card portal to pay for services.

5- Can I use my HSA/FSA monies to obtain services at WoW Health?

Yes, you can use your HSA/FSA debit cards for WoW Health transactions which is especially useful for our members that participate in one of our Emergency and Hospital Care programs, either individually or through their employer.

6- Why am I charged the full amount when I make an appointment?

You are charged the full amount of service when you make an appointment because that money is kept in an “escrow-type” account so when the encounter is completed, money can be released to the medical service provider. This ensures guaranteed timely payment for the medical service provider which allows them to provide you with the very best price for their services by eliminating paperwork and possibility of non-payment.

7- Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes, you can cancel your appointment but you have to abide by the rules of the medical service provider. Our medical service providers charge as low as 30% of the regular market rate so they can not afford cancellations and no-shows. Usually most appointments can be canceled without penalty up to 48-hours ahead of time.

8- If I have an issue with any aspect of my service, whom should I contact?

WoW Health is a service but all of our medical service providers are independent businesses. We ask that you contact the medical service provider first and try to obtain resolution of any issues. However, if there are any outstanding issues, we would love to hear from you so we can facilitate a solution that would be acceptable to both parties.

9- Who do I contact for technology or software related issues?

Any software or technology related issues should be addressed with WoW Health directly. Our trained staff are available 24-hours, 365-days a year to address any need.

10- Why don’t I see my usual doctor when I search for him/her?

If you do not see the provider that you are looking for, please check your search parameters. Sometimes your desired date of service or distance or type of service does not match what that medical service provider may be offering. Also WoW Health is a voluntary marketplace and it is possible that the particular medical service provider is not part of our ecosystem. Please send us the name and any contact information so we can reach out to the particular provider and invite them to be a part of our free market healthcare system. WoW Health is FREE for all medical providers so there is no barrier to joining.

11- Do I have to pay to be a part of WoW Health?

No, there are no membership fees or costs to be a part of the WoW Health free market healthcare ecosystem for any users. You only pay for services or membership plans once you have established an account and decide to obtain that service or product.

12- How is my data and records protected?

Your security is our top priority. WoW Health follows best practices for security, and is HIPAA compliant. All of your information is encrypted and kept in Google Cloud Platform. We use SSL certificates to ensure the privacy and protection of our platform.

13- Does WoW Health share any of my health records with other entities?

No, WoW Health does not sell or share any of your information or health records with any vendors or third parties. We may use DE-IDENTIFIED health meta-data for research purposes but that does NOT identify you personally.

14- Do you share any of my data with my employer?

No, we do not share any of your data or records with your employers.

15- If I share my “wallet” with a family member, can I see their medical records or health data?

No, sharing the wallet with a family member for financial purposes does not expose or share any of the health records between accounts. Even the health data and records for your minor children are kept in separate accounts–we just give you the ability to manage their accounts until they reach the legal age to consent for treatment.