4 Ways Telemedicine Can Improve Physician’s Work-Life Balance

4 Ways Telemedicine Can Improve Physician’s Work-Life Balance

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Physician burnout is a huge problem. Studies have shown that almost 50% of physicians, regardless of specialty and work environment, show signs of burnout. Medical professionals are used to long hours, constantly being distracted by the rigors of electronic medical records, paperwork, patient follow-ups, etc. However, work-life balance is essential to good mental and physical health. So, what can a physician do to attain this balance?

Telehealth is the solution that can improve the work-life balance of medical professionals. Despite the increased use of Telemedicine during COVID in the past year, it still has not become a mainstream modality to provide medical care. Surveys have shown that 2 out 3 medical providers are willing to use Telemedicine, so let’s look at some ways how it can provide much needed work-life balance.


Manage your schedule:

Telemedicine can help medical providers bring flexibility to their schedules. Since virtual appointments can be performed from anywhere at even non-traditional times, the independence from location and distance can really allow patients and medical providers the flexibility and convenience that is just not possible with traditional appointments. Get teletherapy done by the help of telemedicine. This flexibility can allow medical professionals opportunities to participate in social activities with friends and families.


Save on Commute:

Telemedicine presents an opportunity to save a lot of time and money in commuting for medical professionals, not to mention the stress of having to reach the office at a certain time, having to fight through rush-hour traffic, and having to deal with the logistics around breakfast and lunch. This also presents an opportunity to improve productivity by using the commute time to see a few extra patients, who also benefit from not having to spend time and money in making it to their appointments for virtual urgent care.


Improve physical health:

Telemedicine schedules allow extra time, and being away from office reduces interruptions, which usually means better productivity. This can allow medical providers prime time for a walk, or that workout routine that never seems to happen. Now providers can have the flexibility to improve their physical and mental health.


More vacation time:

Virtual appointments mean just that- they are virtual and can be conducted from anywhere, especially since the internet is so ubiquitous. This gives medical professionals the chance to take a trip, and still use some of the time to manage and provide availability to their patients. It’s a win-win for everyone.


The Takeaway:

Technology has revolutionized every sphere of life. Healthcare should be no different. Telehealth brings numerous benefits for both the patients and physicians. WoW Health’s simple interface can help all medical providers create an availability for both in-person and Telemedicine encounters, all at no cost with a quick setup that is guaranteed to take less than 15-20min to get started. Now that is leveraging technology to create freedom, and bring the much needed work-life balance. You can also get best health sharing packages at WoW Health.

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Dr. Jawad is a practicing physician with extensive administrative experience, who has firsthand knowledge of running a medical practice and working in employed models. WoW Health aligns incentives for the healthcare ecosystem so all stakeholders benefit from transparent and direct relationship between patients and medical service providers.