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We bring you transparent access with direct-pay medical providers who get paid at the time of service so the patient is not billed afterwards! Our comprehensive network of doctors, dentists, pharmacies, labs, and everything in between for a truly complete healthcare package.

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WoW Health is the
direct-pay community of
medical providers with
transparent pricing

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Even with insurance, you have to pay for all of your care because of hefty
co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, etc. WoW helps you to:

Reduce your insurance premium cost and provide a better package with 2 simple steps

Pick a more restrictive HMO-type-network and pair it with our
nationwide medical providers
Select a higher deductible plan and then give a portion of the
savings to your employees

WoW’s Employer wallet allows you to allocate funds to your employees in a click

All unused amounts are refunded to you.

You can keep track of all your transactions.

Your employees can also use their HSA and FSA debit cards for medical care.

No Healthcare benefits are the #1 priority of employees but costs
can be prohibitive for you. With WoW you can:

Allocate money into the Employer Wallet for first-dollar benefits

Provide access to our discount network for only $5/mo per employee

HealthShare is offered as an alternative to insurance to protect against
large medical expenses

HealthShare costs you 50% less than traditional insurance

Learn more about HealthShare

First dollar benefit so you can get
real benefits right away!

Allocate any amount for employees to provide FIRST DOLLAR benefit

Transaction records for every dollar spent by employees

Any unused amount comes back to the Employer

You can provide them with health
benefits for only $19.99 per month

$19.99 per employee/mo
Employer Wallet
Allows you to provide FIRST DOLLAR benefit
Doctor's office visit
up to 35% off
Lab tests
up to 70% off
Procedures and Surgeries
up to 50% off
Virtual urgent care visits
Free, Unlimited
Mental health counseling
Free, Unlimited
up to 80% off
Dental Practices + Vision Clinics
60% discount, dental cleaning $40 and 35% discount on vision
$11 /mo

**Dental & Vision are not available to residents of WA & VT
**75% off for each additional family member

Say goodbye to your traditional insurance. Become a part of a community that collects monthly membership fees. When you have a large medical need like an ER visit, hospitalization, surgery, etc, it is paid by the HeathSharing community.

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Everyday Care (Basic Package)
$19.99 x 10
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