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A comprehensive direct-pay marketplace that allows consumers, employers and individuals, to shop and access healthcare directly from medical providers at a steep discount.

Our Story

A team of visionaries, healthcare providers, and engineers have come together to create this innovative healthcare solution.

Founded in 2018, we have one mission: to make healthcare transparent, affordable and accessible to all. We connect patients directly to the doctor, offer packages that cut down your drug costs, and give you a chance to become part of a healthcare community that assists you with your large healthcare expenses, and no, we are not traditional health insurance.

We are a comprehensive direct-pay marketplace that allows consumers, employers and individuals, to shop and access healthcare directly from medical providers who can offer their services at a steep discount because they are guaranteed their payments without having to submit any claims or paperwork

WoW Health is your partner for both routine care and unexpected, unpredictable and serious health conditions. For routine care, we can have a comprehensive network of healthcare providers on-board and for rare, but high-cost care like hospitalizations, ER visits, serious illnesses and injuries that can cost in the thousands, we have a healthsharing community to help you out.

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About our founder

Dr Arshad is an ER physician with two decades of clinical and management experience working as a physician with large health systems, and as a small business owner while operating an independent clinic. He has first-hand experience of the lack of transparency in healthcare for both consumers and providers. So he founded WoW Health to bring transparency and control for both providers and patients with a platform to develop direct patient-doctor relationships, and to ensure that both parties know the actual cost of care before it has been rendered.

Jawad Arshad

CEO, WoW Health Solutions


  • Nationwide Benefits
  • Comprehensive packages to replace insurance with transparency
  • All-in-one platform for healthcare needs
  • Healthcare control & choice

Why WoW is better than Insurance?

Transparent Pricing
Dental Benefits

WoW Partners with Top Health Providers

A telehealth company with over 5 million members, and a 98% client satisfaction rate.

A group of board-certified radiologists with over 10 years experience, and thousands of satisfied customers.

Thousands of dentists on board and won 16 national and regional awards, as well as being named the No. 1 dental plan by Dallas Morning News for ethics.

A fastest growing HealthShare community with over twenty-six thousand members. Helping members cut down their health insurance costs by 50-60%.

More than 65,000 pharmacies, including CVS, Rite Aid, Costco, Kroger, and more, all with complete price transparency, plus up to 80% discount for prescription medications.

Known as one of the fastest-growing HealthShare communities, Sedera continues to grow at over 50% every year.

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