About Us

WoW Health is founded by a team of visionaries, healthcare providers, and engineers who believe that healthcare should be controlled by the patient and the doctor, without the involvement of a third party. We believe that patients make the best decisions for their health when they are empowered with information–choices of whom to see, when to see, and the cost of their care. We also know that doctors waste too much time with clerical work as opposed to just caring for their patients.

Healthcare costs is the #1 reason for personal bankruptcies in the US, and 2 out of 3 people who had to declare bankruptcy had health insurance. The traditional healthcare market just brings confusion, opaqueness, and ever increasing costs. At WoW Health, we are not an insurance plan, rather we allow you to connect with healthcare providers directly. We are a marketplace that allows medical providers to list their services with transparent pricing.

Medical care is obtained in two main settings; routine outpatient care and major medical care. Routine outpatient care costs less than $400/year for most adults; that is about a dollar a day.Most people can pay for this care on their own. Then there is the rare, but high-cost care like hospitalizations, ER visits, serious illnesses and injuries that can cost in the thousands. For such events, everyone needs financial assistance; this is where membership in the Medical Cost Sharing community comes in. This alternative approach of self-paying for routine care, and sharing any major medical needs with a community by paying a monthly membership ends up saving members over 50% compared to traditional health insurance.

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To contribute to the health and well-being of members by providing affordable, transparent, high quality and personalized health care solutions, and stop healthcare bankruptcies ruining families.


WoW Health Solutions will provide a continuum of high-quality and affordable healthcare services in order to improve the health status of people. We will allow medical professionals to focus on treating patients, not having to perform clerical work.

Wow Health has 3 medical portals

Medical Providers

WoW Health marketplace's provider portal allows medical providers to display their services with at-will prices, and get guaranteed payment for providing their services.


WoW Health's employer portal is an easy way to manage all employees, track finances, and participate in programs providing healthcare benefits with innovative concepts, saving employers 30-50% on healthcare expenses.


WoW Health creates a cohort of advocates in every community, allowing each advocate to share in revenues, helping to keep local money in each community and spurring growth.

FAQ's about WoW Health