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Removing barriers with a
free medication program

WoW Health provides our members with the top 400 medications at zero cost - that is 93% of prescriptions! We are all about making healthcare easy, so you also get your medications home delivered at zero cost. We understand that sometimes you need medication right away, like an antibiotic or a painkiller, and can't wait for delivery. So those acute medications can be picked up FREE at one of the 70,000 local pharmacies! In addition to the top 400 free medications, you get steep discounts with complete price transparency on the rest.

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*Members can get a three month supply of chronic medications per order, with up to 5 orders per year at zero delivery cost. There is a $5 charge for each delivery package after the initial 5 orders.
Benefits you get

Pharmacy benefits to WoW you

Nationwide network

Free Home delivery or pick up at one of over
70,000 retail pharmacies

Transparent pricing & Access

Easy to use pharmacy portal with cost and
options for delivery or pick up

Meaningful Healthcare

No insurance is needed to get the top 93% of
medications at zero cost, with steep discounts
on the rest

How does it work?

As a WoW member, follow these simple steps

Sign Up for a WoW Health membership plan.


 Click on “Get Medications” to open your pharmacy portal.


Search any medicine to see the cost and choose pick-up or
delivery options.


Share your pharmacy benefit information with your doctor.


Get your medications home delivered or pick up at your local

Free medication from pharmacy to deliver at
your doorstep!

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