Transparency and Control
with Directpay Office Visits

You don't need anyone's approval to see a doctor if you are going to pay
direct from your own money. Better yet, due to copays, deductibles,
coinsurance, etc., the cost of directpay or cash pay visits are usually less
than what you end up paying with insurance! So pay cash or direct for your
office visits... see the doctor you want without the insurance restrictions.

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Benefits you get

Take control of your healthcare


Save on billed charges by paying
direct for your office visits.

Direct-Pay Advantage

No hidden charges; pay at the time of

Wide Network of Practitioners

350,000+ Medical Practices for in-person
office visits.

How it works

As a WoW member, follow these simple steps
to get your benefits

You can search by specialty or name of the doctor


The app/website will geolocate to your closest providers, but you can
also enter the zip code manually and generate a list of providers.


Book appointment, pick the office location of the provider,
input the reason for your visit


After adding payment details, our concierge will contact you to confirm
your appointment, and you will be charged once you approve.


Visit your doctor's office and focus on healing, not bills.

How to make a directpay appointment

Best price point with full transparency

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