Virtual Urgent Care

Talk to a doctor 24/7 for $39. No appointment needed

Connect with a doctor in as little as 10 minutes. WoW Health’s virtual urgent care visits are fast, affordable, and accessible with online access to licensed medical professionals.

How it Works ?


Log in and Request an Appointment

Log in to your WoW account and request your appointment with experienced doctors within minutes.


Talk to a licensed physician

Share your symptoms with the doctor to help make a quick diagnosis.


Get Prescription

The doctor can send your prescription directly to your local pharmacy.

See a doctor for


Mild cuts and skin rashes


Pink eye

Cold and Flu Symptoms

Sprains and strains

COVID-19 Symptoms

UTI and yeast infections

Diarrhea and constipation


and more!

Get most out of Virtual Urgent Care Membership

No additional cost

Get prescription to your local pharmacy

Unlimited visits with 24/7 availability

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