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Office Visit

You don't need anyone's approval to see a doctor if you are going to pay direct from your own money. Better yet, due to copays, deductibles, coinsurance, etc., the cost of directpay or cash pay visits are usually less than what you end up paying with insurance! So pay cash or direct for your office visits...see the doctor you want without the insurance restrictions.

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Virtual Urgent Care

Get quality healthcare without the wait or cost of office visits, or urgent care trips. Experience the added benefits of free virtual counselling. Free 24/7 nationwide access to a doctor, usually within 30 min, with any needed prescriptions sent to your pharmacy.

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Mental Health Counseling

Free Virtual Counseling for mental, financial, and physical well-being with the option for the same counselor for continuity of care.

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Affordable Medications

Over 90% of prescribed medications are less than $5 with our discount program. Check your WoW app for pricing while you are with your doctor to make sure that you get the medication which you can afford, and have it sent to the correct pharmacy. With a perfect mix of large retailers like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and independent pharmacies, we have got you covered nationwide!

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Surgeries and Procedures

There is a lot more to a procedure or surgery than just meets the eye, which is why millions of people get stuck with out-of-pocket surprise charges because the center or the anesthesiologist are not in your network.

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Dental Care

Our extensive network of dentists offers amazing discounts, providing you with affordable dental care. Discount access to nationwide network of dentists care providers with dental cleaning for $40.

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Vision Care

Maintain optimal vision health with regular eye exams and enjoy discounts on your eye care. Discount access to nationwide network of vision care providers.

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Most people think that imaging tests like CT Scans, MRI, Ultrasound, etc. would be really expensive but in reality these tests are quite affordable. Permission and pre-authorization from insurance companies can take weeks. With our directpay nationwide imaging network, you and your doctor decide if a test is needed, and then you know the total cost of the test when you make the appointment, which tends to be less than half of what you would pay with insurance!

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Impressive discounts on labs with no hidden charges with over two thousand collection sites nationwide. Over 60% discount for labs like wellness labs for $75 at over 2,100 labs.

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