Benefits of Telehealth in Crisis Such as COVID-19

Benefits of Telehealth in Crisis Such as COVID-19

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Going to the doctors office can be a hassle. Between making an appointment, dealing with the drive, waiting until they are ready for you, and sometimes even having to take an entire day off work can produce more stress than the original issue you went in for. 

One of the great things that has come to prominence in the past few years is the use of Telehealth appointments. They are now used by everyone from your family doctor, specialists like neurologists and cardiologists, even nutritionists and physical therapists can utilize the platform to get patients the care they need fast. 

While some ailments require a trip to the general practitioner, there are multiple benefits to utilizing Telehealth for the good of everyone involved. 


Eliminating the Waiting Room

Anyone who has been to a doctors office has a story about having to sit in a waiting room, sometimes for hours, to see their doctor. The temperature can be wildly different depending on where you are, the chairs can be uncomfortable, a TV in the corner playing something far too loud for this early in the morning, not to mention other people. If you are someone with a compromised immune system, the waiting room can actually be a very stressful situation. 

With Telehealth appointments, all of this is eliminated. If you have access to the internet, you can have your appointment from just about anywhere. Finding a quite place at home takes away a lot of the stress and uncertainty of the situation. If the doctor is running behind, it also allows you to be in the comfort of your own home while you wait. 


Access to Specialists

Unfortunately, health issues are not always simple to diagnose. For some problems, a doctor may need to send you to different specialists to diagnose what the root cause of your problem could be. Before telehealth, this process could take months and many miles of driving. This increase in time can be costly when it comes to getting the help required to act fast. 

With the application of this wonderful technology, you can now make these appointments and not have to worry about getting to a new doctor's office, potentially 100s of miles away. For those with serious medical conditions, this allows easier access to specialists all over the world from the comfort of your own computer. 


Cost Savings

When you add it up, the doctors appointment itself is just the beginning of the price for healthcare. Between gas and wear-and-tear on your vehicle, time off work if needed, child or elder care while you are there, the dollars start to add up very quickly. Not only do you save on the cost of all this but the time and stress are also vastly cut down in the process. 

For those with either no health insurance or less than adequate coverage, telehealth also allows access to doctors that offer cash options, some don’t even require referrals. 


Speed of Access

Children always seem to always have their own timeline. When it comes to having fevers or getting sick, it’s not uncommon for it to happen at all hours of the night. With the advent of telehealth, parents can now get access to doctors for their children faster. No need to make emergency phone calls, pack up the child and sometimes siblings, and drive to the doctors office or Emergency Room. This allows piece of mind for parents and getting important questions answered significantly quicker. 


Psychiatric and Emotional Support

The isolation of this time can be a challenge for everyone. For those that see a therapist on a consistent basis, the lack of face-to-face meetings doesn’t negate their issues. Because these sessions tend to be talk-based, a simple video call can make all the difference in the world. Quick access to a therapist in a comfortable setting can allow a patient to still get the help they need, when they need it. 

For those with more volatile psychiatric conditions, Telehealth also allows fast access to professional support if there are questions regarding medication or any issue that needs fast help.


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