Following your dreams? Choose the Best Healthcare Solution to Support You.

Following your dreams? Choose the Best Healthcare Solution to Support You.

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You have decided to go for it! You are going to follow your passion and start a business. As a small business owner, you will have plenty of challenges-none which can’t be overcome with some grit and planning. It is estimated that 5 out of 6 employees are disengaged globally, and in the US, employer sponsored healthcare is the number one reason why people stick it out in their jobs, which they don’t even like.

Though you should research and budget for expenses, we are going to let you in on something great. Healthcare is actually quite affordable, in fact usually about 70% cheaper when you elect to pay “cash” for it. Did you know that an average American adult before retirement only needs about $350 per year for routine healthcare expenses, that is a dollar a day! Let’s construct a healthcare solution that can address any concerns about healthcare for you, and hopefully your growing project with employees.


1. Routine Care:

Routine care like primary care visits usually cost about $100 per visit. You just have to tell your doctor that you will be paying cash for your care. In fact, urgent care visits cost the same which can address any needed visits for small injuries or illnesses. Labs and imaging tests like xrays, CT scans, etc. are similarly a fraction of the cost when you agree to pay “cash” directly to the service provider. For example, yearly physical labs to screen for any medical issues usually only cost about $80. Now you can see how your routine care can really cost a dollar a day!


2. Major Medical Expenses:

Though routine and outpatient care can be quite affordable in the “cash” pay market, large medical expenses like unforeseen ER visits, hospitalization, heart attacks, cancer care, etc. can be really expensive. For these unlikely but really stressful situations, you need a solution which isn’t like insurance and costing you exorbitant premiums only to stick you with copays and deductibles with zero transparency or control. We are going to introduce you to Medical Cost Sharing which is membership in a community. You put money in monthly, usually about 60% less than insurance, and then when and if there is a major medical need, you get assistance from the community to take care of those expenses.


Why WoW Health?

WoW Health is a marketplace that puts you in control of your healthcare. You have the opportunity to have access to a doctor 24/7 via Telemedicine for only $10 per month, and you can bundle this with a pharmacy membership for another $5 per month and pick up your medications, usually at 80% discounts, from your local pharmacy. To provide you with complete control and transparency, you can search and price out imaging studies like MRI, CT Scans, Mammograms, etc. at an imaging center near you. In addition, WoW Health app and website give you access to cash pay labs, dental services, and doctors. And because we want you to have the convenience of one-stop shopping, you can enroll directly for the Medical Cost Sharing community to have the peace of mind about any major medical expenses.

Healthcare can be really confusing and seemingly expensive. However, if you simplify it and think it through, you can see that being a “cash” pay customer of healthcare gives you the most control, and unbelievable savings. So go ahead and take that step towards something you want to do, and let us support you and cheer you on in your success. Just don’t let healthcare costs be a reason to not fulfil your passion. Visit to see for yourself!

About Author

Dr. Jawad is a practicing physician with extensive administrative experience, who has firsthand knowledge of running a medical practice and working in employed models. WoW Health aligns incentives for the healthcare ecosystem so all stakeholders benefit from transparent and direct relationship between patients and medical service providers.