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Large medical needs like hospitalizations, ER visits, pregnancy, etc require a solution to protect against medical expenses.

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Benefits you get

Take control of your healthcare

Peace of Mind

Large medical needs are expensive. Pay
the IUA only and rest is paid by the

Simple Model

Pay direct for routine care, and use
HealthShare for large medical needs like
ER visits, hospitalizations, etc.

No Restrictions

No annual or lifetime caps on services.
Nationwide access including global
protection while traveling.

Why is HealthShare so cost effective?

HealthShare is not an insurance plan. Rules to
protect the community!

How it works

As a WoW member, follow these simple steps
to get your benefits

Log in/Sign-up to enroll for the HealthShare.


Add family members to your plan.


Get the WoW Health app and see all of your benefits in one place.


When you go to the hospital or ER, show membership card for


You are only responsible for your IUA and the rest is paid by the

Comprehensive care without the hasssle

Learn how to sign up for HealthShare

Benefits you get

Everyday Care and HealthShare together, a perfect match!

Hospitalization and ER visits

Simple model of IUA (out-of-pocket) for large medical needs like ER visits, hospitalizations, pregnancy, surgeries, etc.

Dental and Vision Care

Discount access to nationwide network of dentists and vision care providers with dental cleaning for $40.


Over 60% discount for labs and imaging like wellness labs for $75 at over 2,100 labs, and MRI for $600–no pre-approvals needed.


Negotiated and simple one inclusive price for procedures/surgeries with 50% discount and nationwide service.

Preventive Care

Yearly office visit, annual mammogram, pediatric immunizations, and colonoscopy at no cost for all enrolled members.


Over 70,000 pharmacies including large retailers like CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, etc. Up to 400 generic medications at no cost!.

Office Visits

One free visit to any medical practice for every enrolled family member, and access to over 350,000 doctors with 35% discount.

Virtual Urgent Care

Free 24/7 nationwide access to a doctor, usually within 30 min, with any needed prescriptions sent to your pharmacy.

Mental Health Counseling

Free Virtual Counseling for mental, financial, and physical well-being with the option for the same counselor for continuity of care.

In this membership

Join for complete medical coverage -
everyday and emergencies.

Office Visits

One Free Visit/Year
35% Discount on all


Yearly labs $75


e.g MRI $600


50% Discount

Virtual Urgent Care

Free, Unlimited


Free, Unlimited


93% top meds at Zero cost

Dental & Vision

e.g Dental cleaning $40

Preventive Services

Free yearly mammogram

Hospitalizations & ER Visits

$2500 out-of-pocket per need

Join Now - $274.99/mo
**Dental & Vision are not available to residents of WA & VT **HealthShare is not available in WA

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