Jeera Water: Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

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Jeera Water: Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects


Jeera has as many benefits as it is used in Asian households. It's an ancient ingredient that has been part of making many effective medicines, too. Jeera has an aromatic, nutty, and earthy flavor that enhances food taste. Buy it not only enhances the aroma and taste, but it has many amazing medicinal purposes. 

The health advantages of jeera (cumin) were written down in old Ayurvedic books, and many of these benefits have been confirmed by modern science. However, people in Asia have been using jeera in their kitchens for a very long time.


Jeera Water Benefits


1- Booster Dose of Antioxidants

Jeera contains loads of antioxidants; it has polyphenols - a simple magical compound that prevents oxidative stress inside your body.  This antioxidant helps in boosting your immunity and removes all toxins from the blood. With clean blood, the oxidation process starts to enhance and results in a healthier and fresher body. 


2- Helps in Weight Loss

Jeera water for weight loss is very effective as it helps shed fat at 2x speed as any other remedy. This is so because jeera helps in detoxifying the blood and helps in dealing with stubborn fat. It also contains very less amount of calories, which also suppresses hunger every two hours. It is best effective if you use it after letting it sit in water overnight. Take it on an empty stomach the next day and let it work its magic. 


3- Hydrates The Body

People use this amazing ingredient in many summer beverages. It provides a refreshing and cooling effect to the stomach by removing heavy toxins and cleansing the blood. The water content in it also helps in hydrating the body. 


4- Soothes The Acidity

Black Cumin (Jeera) seeds are the renowned gastro-protective. Jeera water is helpful and effective in stomach burning and heartburn to some level. Plus, if you feel bloating or nauseated and constipated it also relieves the pain.


5- Glowing Skin

As it helps in cleansing the blood, the lighter and cleaner it will be, the more glowing skin you will have. Plus, the antioxidants are antimicrobial and also help detoxify the blood. It prevents pimples, scars, acne, and other skin infections to take place. 


6- Amazing Hair

This superfood is also very effective if used on the scalp. As it provides the anti-inflammatory goodness. It helps prevent hair loss and premature greying, and not to mention it also helps you say goodbye to dandruff.


7- Detoxify the Blood

Jeera seeds have special stuff that helps fight swelling in our bodies. When we're too heavy, our bodies can get swollen, causing problems. But drinking jeera water can stop this from happening.

Losing weight can be hard, but jeera water is a super drink for weight loss. If jeera water tastes plain to you, you can try adding a bit of lemon juice or cinnamon powder. This makes the healthy water taste better and helps you with your weight loss goals.


8- Good for Heart

Drinking cumin water can lower blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol. This helps keep our hearts safe from different problems.


Jeera Water Side Effects

There are not as many side effects since it is a natural ingredient. But taking too much quantity can actually lead to the following side effects. They also depend on the times that you consume Jeera water. Such side effects are:

1- Heartburn

2- Lower blood sugar level

3- Harmful for pregnant ladies

4- Interfere or slow down clotting of blood and lead to bleeding


Jeera Water Uses

Here we have a few good uses of Jeera water that it helps in…

  • Cumin water is like a helper for our bones and teeth because it has a good amount of calcium. 

  • It can also help control sugar in our blood and make our body respond better to insulin. 

  • Think of it as a cleaner for our body, eliminating bad stuff and extra water. 

  • It might make the menstrual cycle and pain easier and more regular for girls. 

  • It could also be a friend to our heart by keeping our cholesterol low and reducing the chance of heart problems.



Jeera water has enormous benefits, including weight loss, antioxidation, detoxification of blood, and much more. You can take it on a regular basis on an empty stomach but make sure that you consult your doctor before taking it. It may pose some side effects on your body. For online consultation, you can book virtual booking with our doctors.

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