Medical Cost Sharing

Medical Cost Sharing is a surprisingly affordable non-insurance solution to manage large healthcare costs. Members pay for their routine care like primary care or office visits but when there is a large medical expense like an ER visit or hospitalization, the medical cost sharing community assists the member in paying those bills. This approach of sharing large medical expenses but individually paying for smaller routine medical costs brings our members significant savings.

Membership Starting from $113 only!

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Healthcare is quite affordable when patients know the cost of care, and have the freedom to pick the best medical provider

  • Pay directly with transparent prices
  • Most office visits are under $150
  • 90% of medications cost under $10/month
  • Tests are affordable

Why Medical Cost Sharing Plan?

Peace of Mind

Join the community with 24/7 support

Manage large expenses

Including ER visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc.

Easy and Affordable

Membership starts at only $113/month.

Cancel membership anytime

No medical examination to join the community

Control & Transparency

No networks, visit doctor of your choice

Pay directly for care and save

Forget complex co-pays & deductibles

How Does WoW Health Work ?

  • Transparent & Affordable Medical Solution with 30+ Years of Experience
  • Member Makes Monthly Contribution to the Community
  • Community Shares When Member has a Medical Need
  • No Networks so you Choose and Pay the Doctor Directly
  • 24/7 Support with Concierge Style Service

How Does WoW Health Work ?

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WoW Health believes in complete price transparency. Let’s find out how much a medical cost sharing membership can save you.

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We have helped thousands of people get access to medical providers of their choice. See what they have to say about us:

Questions about Medical Cost Sharing on WoW Health?

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