Nationwide Access to Premium Healthcare

Pay direct for routine care at the time of service, and less than what you would with insurance because of copays, deductibles, and coinsurances. Our packages are perfect as standalone protection, or as supplements to insurance plans.

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Benefits you get

Take control of your healthcare

Nationwide Availability

1M+ community of direct-pay providers
across the complete continuum of care

Member Focused Care

Intuitive workflows with complete price
transparency, and 24/7 customer support

Freedom from Contracts

Monthly plans without commitments, and no
“pre-authorizations” to get the care you need!

Benefits you get

Up to 80% discount on your healthcare needs!

Office Visit

Up to 35%+ discount

350k+ Doctors

Urgent Care

Unlimited encounters

24/7 Availability


93% top meds at Zero cost

70k+ Pharmacies

Lab Tests

Up to 60%+ discount

2100+ Labs


Up to 75% discount

4000+ Imaging Centers


Over 60% discount

250k+ Dentists

**Dental plan not available in VT & WA


Up to 35% discount

100k+ Eye Clinics

**Vision plan not available in VT & WA

Mental Health Counseling

Certified Mental Health Experts

24/7 Availability


Over 50% discount

5k+ Surgery Centers

Hospitalization & ER visits

Over 60% savings on premiums

Nationwide & Global Access

Affordable Healthcare solution for you!

Healthcare access with membership,
no insurance needed

This plan includes: Only You
Add Family
Checked logo Save 15%+ with annual plans
Optional Add-ons:
**Dental & Vision are not available to residents of WA & VT **Comprehensive plan is not available to residents of WA

HealthShare- Saves you 50%
on large medical expenses and
everyday care

HealthSharing helps in managing large healthcare expenses, but still
costs 50% less than typical health insurance.

Members are part of a community that collects monthly membership
fees. When a member has a large medical need like an ER visit,
hospitalization, surgery, etc, it is paid by the HeathSharing community.

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How it works

As a WoW member, follow these simple
steps to use benefits:

Pick a plan to receive discounts with unlimited use.


Make sure to complete your profile after payment to activate the plan.


Connect with the medical provider you need.


Pay the discounted direct-pay rate for your services.


Get the care you need and focus on healing, not worrying
about bills in the mail.


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Need help? Reach out to our 24/7
customer support at 844-969-4325
and get the assistance you need.

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