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24/7 Virtual Urgent Care

Network of 1M+ doctors, dentists, pharmacies, eye clinics, & labs

Bright side of WoW Plus

Forget high cost insurance with premiums, copays, deductibles, and coinsurances and enjoy the amazing benefits of WoW Plus package!

WoW Plus Starting at $19.99/mo
High Premium
High Deductibles
High Copay
Virtual urgent care
Dental + Vision

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WoW Plus

Unlimited discounts for all of your healthcare needs

Starting at $19.99/mo
  • Virtual urgent care visits - 50% off
  • Teletherapy sessions - 50% off
  • Prescriptions - up to 80% off
  • Doctor’s office visits - up to 60% off
  • Lab tests - up to 60% off
  • Imaging centers - up to 75% off
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Get discounted rates for dental care & vision care. Keep smiling!

Starting at $12.50/mo
  • Dental procedures - up to 60% off
  • Vision care - up to 70% off
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Sponsored by your organization?

Don’t let the opportunity that is banging on your door go away! If you are already sponsored by WoW Health then login now and save fortunes.


What's so wow about WoW Health?

Every dentist gave me a different opinion for my toothache, I was devastated at a point. A friend told me about WoW Health and its efficient services. I was reluctant initially since it was all virtual but honestly if anyone asks for my opinion now, I would always recommend WoW.
Katherine L. January 2022
I am a member at WoW, you would not believe how happy I am to enjoy unlimited discounts on their services. I am stress free now! I don’t have to save for healthcare services anymore. Instead, I can go have as much Mc Donald’s as possible.
Jenny Wilson December 2021
I was so depressed due to some personal reasons and was too shy to go see a therapist. Thanks to WoW I accessed the therapist online and no joke, I feel so much better now. The therapist session was worth every penny!
Ralph Edwards March 2022
I was so confused about my vision care appointments, I had no idea who to pick. WoW showed me a gateway towards multiple discounted vision care clinics. I am glad I found WoW.
Cody Fisher January 2022
My kid got sick at 4 in the morning. He wasn’t in a position to go to the hospital. Thanks to WoW I got all my assistance online and my kid was smiling again! I am so grateful to WoW.
Bessie Coooper May 2022
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HealthSharing - A better alternative to insurance

Elon and Martha save $700 every month with their HealthShare membership through WoW Health

They were spending $1,050 every month for their insurance premium. That's a lot!
Martha learned about HealthShare as a more affordable way to get better benefits, and still have all of the protection against high cost episodes like ER visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc. Now they pay only $350 every month for their Diamond Package with comprehensive routine and major medical care!

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WoW for Employers

Partner with us and get affordable health benefits for your employees starting at $5 per month per employee!

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