Did you know that sharing communities have existed for over 40 years? Here’s how medical cost sharing works:

  • Members Work Together
  • To keep costs down by shopping for the best value and making smart choices.

  • Every Member Contributes
  • A fixed monthly contribution to support the Community. Sedera partners with an FDIC-insured bank that uses secure personal Medical Cost Sharing accounts to facilitate the sharing process.

  • Medical Bills are Shared Directly
  • From one Member's Medical Cost Sharing Account to another when a Member experiences a large unexpected Medical Need.

Medical Cost Sharing for Businesses

The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community exists so members can help each other with large, unexpected medical expenses. The Sedera Membership experience is refreshing and empowering for businesses and their employees.

  • Effectively Control Healthcare Costs
  • Group Membership options keep your healthcare costs low while offering your team a refreshing alternative to healthcare.

  • Offer Your Employees Affordable Options
  • We believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to a solution to manage healthcare costs. Our options start as low as $117/mo.

  • Enjoy Flexibility and Transparency
  • Sedera Members build direct relationships with their medical providers. There are no networks, so no one is in the middle of your healthcare decision-making.

Sedera Cheat Sheet

  • Medical Cost Sharing
  • A membership-based non-insurance arrangement established for the purpose of sharing legitimate health care expenses between Members.

  • Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA)
  • A membership-based non-insurance arrangement established for the purpose of sharing legitimate health care expenses between Members.

  • Membership Guidelines
  • What every Member is asked to read and sign acknowledging they understand how sharing and the Sedera community functions.

  • Monthly Contribution
  • The monthly cost, per Member, contributed to the Needs of the Community.

  • Need
  • All of the medical expenses related to a single accident or illness that exceeds the Member’s Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA).

  • Share/Sharing
  • When the Medical Cost Sharing community steps in to give toward the costs of your Medical Need. (*Never say “cover” or “coverage”).

Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Members Enjoy

  • Low Monthly Cost
  • Monthly Costs start as low as $106 for an individual Member

  • Access from Anywhere
  • There’s no such thing as “out-of-network” with Sedera. We go where you go.

  • Member Advisors
  • Our expert advisors will help you navigate the complex world of medical care.

  • Price Transparency
  • Always know your out-of-pocket costs before you receive care

  • Out of Pocket Limits
  • Need-related costs are capped after 3 medical needs for an individual (5 for a family) in a 12-month period.

  • Expert Second Opinions
  • Get 2nd opinions on surgeries and new diagnoses from some of the world’s top doctors.


24/7 Telemedicine

Bill Negotiations

Member Rewards

Affordable Monthly Costs

Pre-existing conditions:
Sharing Conditions

A condition is considered pre-existing if a member had symptoms or treatment in the last 36 months at the time of joining the community

  • + Year 1   Not sharing for the condition
  • + Year 2   $15,000 sharing limit for the condition
  • + Year 3   $30,000 sharing limit for the condition
  • + Year 4   Not sharing for the condition

Join the Community!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Medical Cost Sharing.

  • Design Your Membership
  • Tell Us About Yourself
  • Open a Sharing Account

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